Olympics adds to the physical

Tax preparation assistance, by appointment only, Wabash Activity Center, 300 S. Fifth St.; for ages 62 and older or handicapped, with income of $35,000 or less; bring paid property tax or rent statement, 2014 tax records, social security statement, 2013 tax return; no itemized deductions, capital gains, rental income, small businesses; schedule appointment, 812 232 3245. and, both from Denny’s restaurant, Third and Poplar streets; to reserve a seat, call Veteran’s Assistance Center, Vigo County Annex, 812 462 3261.

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baking tools We are even having a morning party. Soup for breakfast? Why not. We served meatballs at my oldest son’s brunch because he loved meatballs. The National Christmas Tree Association lists many ways to recycle trees, including creating a habitat for birds or fish, or soil erosion barriers.The Forest Preserve District of Will County discontinued a tree recycling program this year after about 10 percent of staff retired in recent years and were not replaced, according to district spokeswoman Cindy Cain.Christmas trees recycled through the Forest Preserve District were used as mulch on trails and as habitats for fish in some of the district’s bodies of water.Waste Management will be collecting live Christmas trees in Joliet the first and second week of January. They are collected as trash, Waste Management Regional Public Affairs Director Lisa Disbrow said. In some municipalities, the trees are collected as part of yard waste pickup.”It’s all according to the municipal contracts,” Disbrow said. baking tools

bakeware factory This is for the Special Olympics, to help them out. It a good cause. Olympics adds to the physical, social and psychological development of its athletes. There are just as many if not more reckless drivers as there are reckless bike riders on the road. My husband rides bike, and his attitude when driving is NO ONE SEES ME, he is more aware of his surroundings on his bike than he is in his car. I mean honestly, as a driver it your responsibility to be safe on the road and be aware of all drivers on the road down your phones, stop texting, do your make up at home, your hair, pull over to read your maps, turn your music down to hear sirens or bikes, shoot I see people driving with headphones on in both ears not even aware there a fire truck behind them sense! We could make these roads a lot safer to drive on, think about it next time your in your vehicle or on your bike if what you are about to do is the best choice, for everyone sake bakeware factory.